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ingenieux cedarhero is our set of Apache Maven plugins for Heroku, which lets you effectively use Maven as a deployer without messing around your pom too much.

Getting Started

In order to effectively use cedarhero, you need to have a basic understanding of Apache Maven and Heroku.

Basic Usage

Here are the basic cedarhero usage instructions:

Thats it!


Use these as reference URLs:

Troubleshooting beanstalker

See the troubleshooting page and Frequently Asked Questions

Support cedarhero

cedarhero was created to solve my problems. If you find it useful, see Donate to beanstalker (which is the project which gave the idea for cedarhero)

Huge Thanks Goes To

cedarhero development is powered by OSS Licenses offered by:

As for tools, we're huge fans of:

  • Newvem, for general advice and AWS Usage Monitoring
  • Papertrail, for Being Awesome on my Log Collecting
  • CopperEgg, ditto, but for Server Metrics

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